Parser Views – Cisco Security

A post on recently made me look into parser views in more detail.

I read the section in the CCNA: Security Official Certification Guide about them a while back (the entire one page of it), and never really gave it much thought, but I was prompted by the post on the forum to look into them in more detail.

Parser views are a useful way to control exactly what commands a user can use on the device, and are more granular than custom privilege levels.
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MTU / Fragmentation / ACL Tests….Part 1

There was a throwaway line in a book I was reading (the CCNA: Security Official Certification Guide), that said that a disadvantage of ACL’s is:

Does not filter fragmented packets with the same accuracy as non fragmented packets.

I have no idea why this is true, and after a post on, I decided to just set up a lab and have a go, and figure out the specifics of fragmentation as I go!

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Brother PE Design 6 on Windows 7

Windows 7 64-bit (x64) Installation Instructions

NOTE: I wrote this tutorial some time ago, and the information in it may not be accurate. I wrote it after a friend asked me how to get Brother PE Design 6 working on her laptop. These are the exact steps which I took, and they worked for me. If they don’t work for you, unfortunately I can’t provide support or assistance to help. I actually took this tutorial down as I only received negative feedback saying it didn’t work, but due to a lot of demand for it, I’ve put it back up. Please comment if it works for you – so other people know that it worked, but note that I haven’t got the time or knowledge to be able to help if it doesn’t work – I’ve only listed what worked for me.

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AAA Server with freeradius, Ubuntu, Virtualbox and GNS3

I’ve spent a fair few hours now trying to get a AAA Radius server working with GNS3, so I thought I’d share my experiences.

Just so you know, I’m using Windows 7.

First off, I installed VirtualBox. You can get this here: Oracle VM VirtualBox

Next, I downloaded Ubuntu Desktop. You can get this here: Download Ubuntu

I created a new VM, with 512MB RAM, a NAT type network adapter (to allow internet connectivity for updates / installs) and all default settings. The Operating System type was set to Linux / Ubuntu. I then installed Linux.

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CCNA Security – Here We Go!

I’ve had a weekend to wipe the grin off my face having passed my CCNP Route.

I got asked in work today about Cisco Intrusion Detection Systems – “You’re a CCNP now, you must know about that”.

I looked at them blankly and said “That’s security sh*t!”, then ran away and decided I’d best knuckle down.

So here goes. I’m going to do my CCNA: Security, most likely followed by CCNP: Security.

CCIE will have to wait!

CCNP, I think so!

Well that’s that! Passed my TSHOOT this morning so I’m now a CCNP!

Happy as larry – whoever larry is.

It’s been a lot of hard work, long evenings and expensive electricity bills, but I’m there.

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ROMMON tftpdnld is my friend

After watching my router go around and around in circles, continually failing to boot, I decided enough was enough. Time to break out ROMMON tftpdnld.

I’ve used ROMMON before to download a TFTP image, but it’s never something I remember off the top of my head. In the interests of this being my own personal wiki, and so it’s here for anyone else it benefits (though it’s a pretty well documented topic on Google!), here goes.

Firstly, tftpdnld will only work on the first LAN interface. (On some platforms that can be changed I believe, but I’ve never seen it). So make sure the cable is in the lowest number interface.

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The Importance of Cisco Feature Navigator

The other day I was implementing BGP when I was presented, much to my horror, with a message stating that BGP was not available in this image.

Strange, because I had two identical routers, both the same model, and it worked fine on the other one! When I looked, one had and advancedIP image, and one had a baseIP image.

No problem, I thought. Set one up as a TFTP server, TFTP the image across and change the IOS. What could go wrong?

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