Automate loading INE configs onto Cisco CSRs using Python

I haven't posted for a while. Work has been hectic, I failed my CCIE written and lost all motivation, and many other excuses. Whilst I haven't really been studying CCIE stuff, I have been productive. I have been learning Python. I decided to automate the process of loading the INE initial configs onto my CSR routers, using a Python script, and the power of pexpect.

I won't go through the gory details, but I've learned a lot by doing this (including how to set up a github repo! -, thanks!).

It's probably not perfect, but it works for me. I think I'd like to add threading, and maybe some error handling and logging of some description - but that's for another day when I have some time to burn.

You can find it at - I'm not going to post the script here as it will get too messy.

Let me know if it's useful (or not!).

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